Thursday, July 12, 2007


Drumlanrig Castle

Anne and I decided to go down to Drumlanrig Castle, I wanted a change of scene for the mountain bike and thought that the routes would be short enough to spend a couple of hours then have a walk.
The entry is £4 per head but its worth it for the trails the walks and the shower/changing room.
Rik gave me a map (for 50p) and I went off to do the black and red run although the black is more of a red extention.
The trails were nice and dry, most of the technical stuff was rooty bits although there were one or two rocky drops as well, much of it was fairly natural lines through the trees, so it felt less like a prepared trail than outher places I've been, great stuff.
A few of the bends were a bit tight for me (can't do an endo flip or whatever its called) but that kept the speed down I suppose.

Afterwards we had a bite to eat and a wander around the garden.
A thouroughly good day out.

Video here.


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