Sunday, July 08, 2007

Troon to Failford

Ayr Harbourside

Graham and I arranged a MTB outing today, I thought we'd go up to the cuts at Cornalees but when I left to pick him up the clouds looked a bit heavy up that way so we opted for a central Ayrshire route - Troon to Ayr and Failford.
The funny (nice) thing about central Ayrshire is that all around can be showery and overcast but here the sun can be splitting the skies (sometimes) and so its worth a good look about to see the cloud cover before a final decision.
Just as well, Anne said it rained in West Kilbride around 11am, not where we were though, it was sunny all through our 4.5hours cycle, so right decision (for once).

There's nothing technical on the route just some nice single and double track by the beach and the River Ayr with a pleasant lunch stop for beer and grub at Stair Inn.
On route we passed a group of MTB'ers heading the other way one commented he expected to see the video I was taking on the internet-so here it is.

Some Ayr photos.


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