Thursday, June 21, 2007

Peregrine Falcons

Kilmaurs Toll House

Nice and warm this morning, gave Tom a ring and arranged an outing on the road bikes.
We intended to go to south of Ayr but in the car on route we thought the sky looked a bit dark that way so opted instead for one of our favourite local cycles over to Stewarton from Eglinton Park.
Easy going with no wind the miles just slipped past pleasantly except just beyond Dunlop there was a light shower of rain, it only lasted 10 minutes, just enough time to get the waterproofs on and off.
We stopped off at 'The Coffee Pot' in Stewarton for some early lunch.
The waitress should be on the tele weather forcast, one look out the door and she said it looked like we were going to get wet.
Tom had some things to see to PM so we just did the normal route getting back home about 1.30.

After a freshen up and a bite to eat I went down to see if I could see anything of the local peregrine falcons, luckily enough there were four around, the adult male and three youngsters all sunning themselves on the crags.
I managed a spot of video through the spotting scope and a few stills of some insects so I've put them together and the video can be viewed here.

I was going to link to some photos of the route but those cursed people at Yahoo photos are about to close it down...ARGH... a year ago they changed their site and I spent hours relinking now their abandoning ship so goodness knows what I'll do now. Their alternative site is flickr or I may just have to find some direct web space somehow...a little challenge...hmmm??


Blogger Jinxx said...

You were lucky you did not come down to Ayr, its been heavy showers off and on all day

11:59 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Nice to know we made the right decision.

8:51 AM  

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