Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A great week end's mountain biking

Drumlanrig Castle

My cycling chum Graham was on a long break this weekend and was keen to make the best of the settled weather. Friday he cycled over and we did a local loop down to seamill, Portencross and Biglees. There is a prominent sandstone rock just off the track on the beach and thinking of McMoab at Kiroughtree I thought I'd have a little play. There's not a lot but it was quite fun.

On the Sunday we crossed the Clyde to the edge of the Highlands to do the Loch Eck loop, we did it clockwise for a change the down side being the huge climb out of Glen Branter although the view going this way is fabulous looking down the Loch and the single track finish downhill to the tea room at Ben More Gardens is another bonus.

Monday Anne, Moira, Graham and I went down to Drumlanrig, Graham and I to MTB and the wives to do a spot of walking. It was a little damp in places making for quite a few challenging rooty sections. This time we found part of the final section I'd missed on my last visit but there must be a sign missing or something as we had to loop back to find it.
There was a falconry display going on behind the Castle, the bird was a bit inexperienced, it decided I was the display master and tried to land on me, that was a bit of a shock. You can see it on the video, a very short image of an approaching falcon before I dive out of the way.
After the display we took a tour of the castle before Graham headed back down the road to work and we headed back home.

Fabulous week end of mountain biking.


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