Sunday, August 05, 2007

MTB Largs

At Largs Marina

Graham came across for a spot of mountain biking yesterday, he fancied a cycle along the hillside to Largs.
The best MTB route to Largs starts up Biglees Quarry, getting all the climbing out of the way first on a good firm track then enjoying the singletrack and views along the side of the moor before the final super fast descent down through Kelburn to coffee and cake at the Harlequin cafe in Largs.
It was mild and breezy almost ideal weather for the MTB, with enough wind to keep the bugs away and keep us cool.
Half way along the route is a lovely little burn crossing at Fairlie Glen, I can clear it about 20% of the time but I didn't manage it this time, only got wet feet though, not like a few weeks back when I went in full stretch and had to wring out my shirt as well as my socks.

Up at Largs some rich chap had parked his helicopter by the marina maybe visiting his yacht for lunch and drinkies, I suppose life looks a bit different from the other side of piles and piles of ready cash, just as well I can enjoy myself on a low budget.

Video of the outing here.

I read Yahoo are changing the way they do video to compete with other sites, I hope whatever they do won't knacker my blog links yet again...rant...rant!


Blogger Jinxx said...

I suppose its one way to get to the top of the hill

1:21 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Pretty cool but not very green!
If you've got lots of money and a 'copter you probably wouldn't care.

4:57 PM  

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