Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dog Menace

Diamond Hill falls

Anne and I were round at some friends last night eating supper and sampling wine for the upcoming West Kilbride Flower show.
Hardly surprising I was a bit slow of the mark this morning.
Graham came over about 10am on his MTB and we headed up toward Fairlie.
The weather looked a bit showery but was brightening all the time so I was hoping for the best and fancied paying a visit to Biglees waterfall, I thought it'd be going well after the recent rainfall.
The short route to the waterfall goes up a nice rough track toward Biglees quarry and cuts off left through Biglees farm, today the dogs were out, I know one of them Bingo, it seems quite friendly when its on its own but takes a lead from the other's barking and nips at the ankles at times.
Well today it nipped at my ankle and nearly got caught up in the bike, I was so surprised, no barking just straight for the leg while still wagging its tail.
So now I've a little bruise on the outide of my ankle courtesy Bingo, I'll be watching that naughty little canine in future.

The walk off the track down to the falls is a bit slippy and dangerous but it was worth it to see the spectacle of Glen Burn waterfall, 30ft high and going really well.
I didn't clamber across the burn and go behind the falls, the burn was a bit high and with all the spray off the falls I think I may have got a bit wet.
Stopped off at the Mudhook in Fairlie for a pint and snack before dodging showers home, good fun apart from the bruised ankle.

Video here.


Blogger Jinxx said...

This wet weather is doing my nut in, i now understand what the expression, going stir crazy means.

Thankfully, there is Youtube, at least i can sit and watch MTB videos

12:28 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Take up walking with a brolly it beats sitting in the house or take up jogging again, lot of quality exercise in not much time and it doesn't matter if its a little wet.

I know!..... its just not the same.

8:28 PM  

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