Thursday, August 09, 2007

Family Tree

When I was across visiting my sister a week or two back we got the old family album out and I decided to take a record of it just by photographing with the digital camera.
The results were just about acceptable so I posted them on a family album web site to share with others in the clan.
That and some agitation from Anne got me researching my ancestors on the web.
I've spent so much time on it I haven't had computer time to do photos or videos, today though, since the sun was shining, Anne and took ourselves on a lovely little cycle from west Kilbride up the coast to Largs marina for a bit of lunch.
Its somewhere we don't normally go, with the unusual marina surroundings and the sunshine it felt just like sitting outdoors abroad on holiday.

Maybe I'll get round to doing the video of the run and post it here soon.


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