Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kaim Hill Rock Ramp

The 'Ramp' in Kaim Quarry

What a beautiful day for a spot of mountain biking, over scarey Glentane and up to Kaim hill summit for the big downhill run.. I stopped off in the quarry for a snack and to try out 'The Rocky Ramp' for the first time. I did some work on it a couple of weeks back, filling in a nasty crack and smoothing the run out hoping to make it possible....now was show time! if I could work up the courage.
From the top it looked a bit frightening so I walked it with the bike a couple of times before giving it a try, I succeeded second time but had to do it a few more times to get the video angles I wanted. That done I dashed off down the rest of the route......my oh my 'The Rocky Ramp' was quite a challenge but thankfully I'm still in one piece!

Video here.


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