Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autumn colours near Dunoon

Autumn leaves

When I was across the Clyde last week I cycled through an arboretum above Kilmun and thought at the time it would be nice to come back for a walk with Anne. Yesterday PM the sun broke through the gloom and we decided to get over there before the leaves were all blown off the trees, good decision the colours were great, it was lovely and still, warm and sunny.
We followed the three marked walks above Kilmun from the forestry commission car park. Steep walking but what a great selection of trees, some of them are British Champions.
We nipped into Ben More Cafe just before closing then took another walk up a hillside track not far from the garden, coming back down through Pucks Glen. Lovely tree lined gorge with loads of little waterfalls and a footpath all the way.
A lovely afternoon see the video here.
Flikr photos here.

But now its time for some bike maintenance, all that splashing through puddles last Sunday hasn't done the wheel bearings any good, I'm off to strip and regrease them. Just as well its a bit drizzly out there otherwise it would have to wait!


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