Sunday, September 30, 2007

Along the cuts

View from the Greenock cut

The weather looked better than forecast so Graham and I decided to 'play away' and cycle the Kelly and Greenock cuts. We started down by the sea at Lunderson Bay, it makes for a big climb but gives access to some nice singletrack. The Kelly cut has had a make over in the past year, all the mud is gone, just an easy remote wide track and nice cycle.
Coffee and cake at Cornalees centre then anticlockwise (to get the best outlook) around the Greenock cut. The views were nice, low cloud clinging to the hills across the Clyde with a little bit of occasional sunshine. The final icing on the cake was the leafy singletrack down beside the gorge above Inverkip.

An absolutely classic trail, its a combination of the Kelly and Greenock cut, I may have to add it to my MTB route web site.

Today's SB video here.


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