Thursday, October 04, 2007


Kilmun Chainsaw Art

After a bit of a dull start the weather perked up nicely this morning, the forecast from the web looked good so I decided to cross the Clyde to Dunoon, geogrphically in the Highlands of Scotland, the highland boundary fault runs down the Clyde toward Arran so Dunoon is on the Highland side of the fault. I had decided to revisit some trails and see if they linked together to form a route behind Dunoon but the forestry people were out in force. The first off road near the ferry was trails. Then up Bishops Glen forestry people were chopping down trees and the track was closed. I doubled back up another track only to find it deep in mud because of forestry work. Followed a dead end, retraced my route then took another track blocked by forest working. Looped around for coffee and cake at Ben More Botanic Garden and finished the day with a nice forest ride to the east of the Garden, best bit of riding all day.
Nice weather shame about the tracks but thats the way trail searching goes sometimes.

Flickr photos here.

Video here.


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