Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maybole to Culzean

Culzean Castle

Due to the forecast Graham decided it would be best to get out today (Saturday rather than tomorrow) in south Ayrshire cause thats where the sun would shine. Didn't work out that way but at least it was dry. I thought maybe over Carrick hills along Croy shore into Culzean would be good but the tide prediction for the beach section at Croy ruled that out so we did the Lochspouts Culzean route with a short extension to Maidens. I was hoping for some nice autumn colours in Culzean but that didn't really happen there was no sun and I was so fixated by the idea of coffee and cake at the centre I didn't notice. I did take a few pictures but they were pretty rubbish due to crap light so I'm just going to delete the lot.
Still a nice day out on the bike though.


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