Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn in the local Glens

Fairlie Castle Falls

Yesterday was a bit showery for the bike and since I'd swapped cameras with Graham I was keen to give his Fuji F30 a whirl. Graham wants shoot some video below water and I have a waterproof case for my little Ixuss, hence the swap.
I took a walk in the intermittent sunshine down the Glen in West Kilbride trying to capture the autumn colours and Later I went over to Fairlie Glen to do the same.
The Fuji has shutter and aperture controls so its easy to use slow speed exposures on waterfalls to get that nice soft flowing look.
I took the tripod along and tried it on the falls in Fairlie, got a few nice shots for my effort but a wide angle lens would have been handy, I had to paste together about five frames to get a full picture of the Castle Falls but it looks fine.

View a video here.

I may get round to uploading a few stills with JAlbum...... thats it done view here.


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