Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More wandering on Kaim

Yesterday's video upload has lost sound, tried uploading again but it went completely skew wiff so I'll leave it until I have a fresh video and try agian.....
....third time lucky, view the video here with a bit of today's (25thOct) cycle added.

PM today was gloriously sunny and still, so I went back up Kaim hill to admire the views and look for some more challenging lines in the quarry. I may have found one if I have I'll call it the Cobra because its twisty with a bite. Looks like I may spend a few bright winter days up there sorting it out.

Anne's skiddling with wine at the moment (tea may be a bit late) she's mixing last years plum (strong) with this years pear (light) and the mix tastes very nice indeed. She's just started some clove and ginger for christmas (at my request) so the house is smelling a bit like a witches den.


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