Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busbie and Kaim

Stuck in Mud

I was expecting a wet day today and was getting settled down to a little bit of DIY but luckily the sun appeared and in a flash I put off the DIY in favour of a bit of mountain biking over to Busbie muir windfarm. There was no wind for the farm and the views on all sides from the moor were great.
I'd intended going over Fairlie moor and on the way I took the uphill detour to Knockendon windfarm. In the last video I took up there it was blowing a gale but today was just a pleasant gentle cooling breeze. I settled down behind a wind turbine for a snack in the sun before tackling the muddy crossing to Knockendon Reservoir.
Running on auto pilot took me up onto the top of Kaim hill to admire the views of the highlands and Kyles of Bute then it was over the summit for the glorious downhill thrill.
What a grand local outing on the bike, I'm just about to upload todays photos to Flickr........done, view them here.


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