Friday, November 02, 2007

Sea life mix

Hermit Crab

Graham was on holiday across in Cyprus, he borrowed my camera and waterproof case to take some underwater video so I've combined it with some stills and my own clips to produce a little underwater video.

The past few days I've spent some time up in Kaim Hill Quarry doctoring up a couple of short challenging decents for the mountain bike. They're just about ready to try but not until a dry spell, the rocks can be a bit slippy in the wet and they're hard enough without that. In fact I think one of them may be too much for me, its very steep and loose.
Another down side is the route out isn't too great, there's a couple of short pushing bits and to get the bits linked together calls for a sort of double figure of eight loop.
Something to look foward to early next week with any luck, if it stays dry.


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