Sunday, November 04, 2007

Loch Bradan

Fairlie Burn Falls

Katy, Craig, Graham and I were intending to meet at Straiton this morning for a bit of mountain biking, Stinchar Bridge to Loch Doon, various events conspired against K&C getting there so in the end Graham and I had to go it alone.
Because the cloud was down, we decided not to go over the hill to Loch Doon but to stick around the Bradan tracks with a double loop over to Cornish Loch, a great little trail, rough with steep ascents and descents needing lots of concentration and control, great fun.
Unforunately I forgot my little camera so no photos or video from today but a video of a spring time loop to Loch Doon can be viewed here.

Maybe next time Katy!

During the week it rained quite a bit so I was out and about with wellies and brolly around the sheltered local glens including Fairlie Glen. The burn was in spate, quite a contrast to last week when it was really quiet. I've put stills and video from both weeks together to show the contrast, view it here.


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