Friday, November 23, 2007

Loch Doon to Loch Bradan

Loch Doon

Last week when I was in getting my bike's drive chain renewed at Walkers Cycling Steven the mechanic suggested that the Coalhall cycleway was all prepared and just about ready to open.
Saying that to me made it a raging certainty I'd be off down Dalmellington way to check it out, if true it would be great!
Well sadly unless it goes some route I haven't considered it just doesn't exist.
However my back up plan fell into place and I continued on in the car to Loch Doon to do the fabulous track across to Loch Bradan, it's better done from Bradan to Doon, there's more downhill single track but its still great from Doon side and I had a great time, BUT SORRY TO SAY STEVEN NO NEW TRAIL unless someone else knows better!

SB video here.
See the wonders of crazy unicycling here.
Try working out why this guy failed, I don't jump so havn't a clue.


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