Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mauchline Gorge & much more

Barony Pit Head

Graham and I had a great day out on the mountain bikes today, down by Mauchline.
We started along the fabulous Ayr River Gorge. Lots to see there, cup and ring rocks, sandstone quarries, the 100ft deep gorge carved by the river, ancient sandstone rock formations, old mill lade, and some nice single track. Can't whack it really.
From there we took a few back roads to Auchinleck house, and a little out and back to the spectacular setting of Wallaces cave. Then across to Dumfries house, recently sold to the nation by Johnny Dumfries for something over £20m pounds. I wonder if he ever goes out cycling, doubt it, he used to be a F1 racing driver?
Last leg had a bit of road work to Sorn so that we could enjoy cycling back along the river Ayr Way single track.
Wonderful day on the bikes.

Video here.

Route description here.


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