Sunday, November 25, 2007

Night out

Fairlie Glen

Had an early MTB outing with Graham this morning, easy going along the beach to start then through Hunterston out to the main road looping up Biglees for a workout and some fun single track, great couple of hours.

PM went up Fairlie glen to take some photos through an 8X neutral filter I just bought, hoping to get that lovely smooth water effect, got some reasonable results but I'll need to have a few more attempts to see how to get the best out of it.

After tea it was so nice I decided to get out on the bike again. I've a pair of LED lights, one for the bars and one for the helmet. Together they work quite well, I can also put my IXUS camera on my head cam thingy with the headtorch in place but the results were a bit boring even by my standard, kind of black with a slightly lighter patch of light in the middle, so I deleted the lot. Very nice out there though a full moon reflecting off the sea, mild and no breeze, could have gone a bit further if I'd had spare batteries maybe next time.


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