Friday, November 23, 2007

First hard frost

Today was the first hard frost of the autumn, minus 3degc, but there was no wind and the sky was cloudless....a good excuse to get out on the road bike.
My little Ixus55 is suffering battery fatigue but I was hoping it would last the pace as I thought it might see quite a bit of use. Sure enough it was a great day for the camera and a great day for pottering along on the bike, keeping the speed down to reduce wind chill and the cadence up to keep warm.
I followed the cycle route south through Ardrossan and Saltcoats to Eglinton (coffee and cake stop) then to Stewarton and back to Kilwinning Abbey for some more photos. My oh my what a lovely day almost as good as yesterday! Got back just after 3pm after pottering for 4 hours in lovely crisp sunshine.

Some photos here.


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