Thursday, January 03, 2008

1st MTB 2008

Above Lanfine in the Irvine River valley

BRRR! It was cold today, it may just have got above freezing but not by much. The weather was OK (ish) so there was every reason to get out for the first MTB fun of the year.
Criag, Graham and I met up at the Galston CO-OP (Katy was down with a cold again)with the intention of doing some of the Irvine valley trails.
There's quite a bit of single track along the valley but also quite a bit of (quiet) road between them.
The cold never really lifted all day, we even had a few flakes of snow blown in from the east but by then we were toasty warm, climbing out of Newmilns over to Cessnock Castle single track, pretty well the highlight of the day.
Three hours doing a short figure of eight along the valley, coffee and cake in the Co-op cafe then off home, lovely stuff!

3pm when I got back so before daylight finally gave out I took a short walk up the side Goldenberry hill to view the sunset it was certainly worth the small effort.
The picture below is a bit of a cheat, I mixed todays sky over Arran with todays clyde view and a bit of digital wizardry, quite nice but more a bit of fun than the real thing.

Sun setting to the..??..north

According to the evening news there's been quite a bit of snow over to the east of us and more for tomorrow, fortunately none forecast for us.


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