Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blair and Fairlie

Sunset over Hunterston

The frost was on the way out this morning, when I got up it was raining and well above freezing.
It didn't get light till 9am but the clouds cleared and it looked quite promising by 10am.
Anne has a bit of a cold so we went for a gentle stroll around Blair estate near Dalry only to get caught in a shower, fortunately nothing too bad but that's a lesson relearned, never... ever trust the sky.
Despite the shower we still managed a nice walk then went along to Dalgarven Mill for lunch.
Back home for 2pm, too early for me to stay indoors, so I went off up to groom the Fairlie single track.
Not much to do there except clear the burn crossing and put a little ramp in over a fallen tree but there was some nice winter sun and a nice sunset so took a few pictures to add to Blair, view them here.


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