Monday, December 17, 2007

Fairlie to Largs in glorious sunshine

Low sun over Hunterston

What a beautiful day!
Anne and decided to make the best of it with a walk along one of our favourite routes, Fairlie to Largs, trying to get the best of the sun and keep out of the cold easterly breeze.
The walk was lovely, the view over the Clyde Coast was fabulous, not absolutely clear, but good enough for some nice photos. One of them I shot over the top of Fairlie Castle from a different view point, just a few yards off the track and there it was begging to be taken.
We stopped off at Craigmiles Cafe in Largs for lunch then walked back along the shore front to Fairlie with a little detour back up to Fairlie Castle, glad I did I got a lovely shot of low sun over Hunterston.
Great days walk!

View photos here.


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