Friday, March 14, 2008

Garrotxa revisited

Snowdrops near the summit of Puigsacalm 1515m

This was my third visit to the Garrotxa (Olot in Spain) first time was with my cycling chum Tom. We did a 6day tour from Girona through the Garrotxa area and at that time I thought I'd get back to Olot for a another look.
Second time last year Anne and I went across for 5days walking based in Olot's La Perla hotel, it was lovely.
I discovered the area is a walkers paradise, any length of walk, flat or climbing, GR trails, hills up to 1500m, great restaurants and a lovely (small) old town.
Well I was tempted by cheap flights and another weeks walking this year again, I wasn't disappointed, in fact I discovered another area to explore, the Collsacabra plateau. It used to be bandit country and its easy to see why, its a huge area full of gorges, forest and hills easy to get lost in and easy for bandits to hide out.

Some photos here.

SB video here.

PS there are some great Editorial Alpina maps to be had from Stanfords Garrotxa Zona Volcanica Parc Natural. There is mountain bike hire in Olot town at Cicles Tarres, I've yet to give that a go but there are loads of trails, some waymarked.


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