Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is it spring?

Woodpecker (RSPB Lochwinnoch)

Strange weather today, mild, dull, breezy but with good visibility and quite high cloud.
Anne and I decided it would be nice down by Auchincruive for a walk, very nice it was too the river was quite high, if it had been much higher we would have been forced to take the bypass for the low riverside trail (floods if the river is high).
Being Sunday there were lots of walkers about but the further away from Auchincruive we got the fewer we saw.
One couple were about half a mile from the car park a few yards in front of us when after a look at their watches they about turned and headed back, what rubbish is that, walking to a schedule...its crap!
Not like that for us though we meandered the whole way round took us three hours but it could be done in 2 at a smart pace, but who needs a smart pace on a fine day like today.

The snowdrop were poking up all over the trail, a hint of spring to come, I love those little white flowers, they hold such promise!
At Annebank beside the old railway trail they were lovely, its just such a pity they have to grow through the piles of rubbish the locals throw down, but I suppose the snowdrops don't care.
I can't fathom the mentality of littering, well thats not true the thoughtless shits that do it just don't give a damn about much at all.
OOPS! I think a rant just crept in there need to watch that in future!

Back at the car park at Oswald Hall I was hunting snowdrop groups for a nice photo opportunity, among them were a few crocuses, but a lot less than I'd expected, and amazingly a flowering daffodil! To me daffodils mean spring.... IN JANUARY?! the climate's definitely going mad!

Photos from the River Ayr here (Failford/Stair)


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