Monday, February 11, 2008

Les Arc Skiing

Les Arc

No bike last week, I was off skiing at Les Arc in France with some ex workmates. Needless to say I didn't miss the cycling, there was no time! It was all ski, eat, booze, sleep then do it all again next day.
Free wine is hard to resist but I just about limited my intake to keep the hangovers at bay.
Getting there was a bit of a drag, 4am rise and didn't arrive until 7.30pm, it was the first week of French holidays and Saturday can't be a great time for travel.
The week was great, second day we had about 100mm of snow which set things up for a few days great skiing.
I even did a few of the easy black runs, lots of reds and the big 7km run along Aguille Rouge, its designated black but its more like a big red if you take the chicken run around the top steep bit.

Back to the bike yesterday along the river Ayr. Five hours looping about among the woodlands near Auchincruive. Highlight of the day was managing to get over the set of five up and down stairs along the riverside path on route to Annebank.
Great day... in fact its been a great week.

Short boring video of our Skiing at Les Arc can be viewed here.


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