Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eglinton Dundonald

Summer Hare Bells

Today was my fist outing on the bike for two weeks, I've been down with a chesty cold and didn't want to risk overdoing it. Today though I was really looking forward to getting out, didn't want to do anything too tough so Graham and I went down to Eglinton and over to Dundonald hill linking in with as much off road as possible but keeping hills to a minimum. It may have been flat but the off road behind Perceton was a muddy mess luckily with a firm base. Not so firm over behind Dreghorn the motorcycles had been out and the trail was cut to bits.
At Drybridge we met Steven Lockhart from walkers Cycles, he'd been time trialing and was just heading in for a well deserved tea and cake at the community hall.
For our lunch we headed along to 'Taste Buds' in the industrial estate before looping around Dundonald Hill.
Altogether we spent about 4 hour on the bikes, we also got very muddy but thats all part of the fun. Best of all I feel fine so its back on the bike for me.


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