Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kelburn Downhills

Arran from Goldenberry Hill

Absolute cracker of a day, decided eventually to get up to Kelburn on the MTB to check out a couple of downhill lines I've been grooming over the past week or so, while suffering a chesty cold not to mention bad weather.
I have a couple of route choices from home but the quickest for off road is down the glen and onto the beach so that's the way I went.
Its also very pretty along the shore path looking over the Firth of Clyde to snow capped Arran.
From the top of Goldenberry Hill the views are even better, 360deg panorama adding the Arrochar Hills to the view of Arran, the downhills run off Goldenberry is quite nice too.

In Kelburn I climbed all the way up to get the new run but as usual it was a bit of a disappointment, too steep for the off camber, I was only just in control.
Don't know if I'll persevere with it.
The other line was better but still not great, it will be better in the summer when the mud dries out.

SB video here.


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