Saturday, January 26, 2008

Double downhill

Arran from Kelburn

Took me a bit of time to get out and about today the sky was dull and the weather could have done anything.
I made sure the waterproofs were in the rucksack and a snack just in case the rain held off past lunch time.
Up over scary Glentane (even scarier than usual with the mud and strong breeze) onto the moor, I found myself cycling and pushing up Kaim Hill.
Local cycles sometimes take me by surprise I end up somewhere I hadn't planned to go. Thats what happened today, found myself up on the top of Kaim Hill for the big downhill run before I'd made any decisions. The run down was great as always but again random decisions took over and I headed along to Fairlie to the new downhill route I've been investigating and clearing over the past week. Its a long way up through Kelburn onto the side of Blaeloch hill to the sart of the route but having gone down it I now know there's a few bits to be sorted out or bypassed before I give it another go.
Got back at 2pm after 3 hour on the bike just 15minutes before it started raining, I just love it when that happens it makes me feel so smug!

The route is a sort of combination of Kelburn and Kaim

Some Kelburn and Fairlie photos here.


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