Monday, March 17, 2008

Sightseeing and mountain biking

Surprise on our cycle

Katy, Craig, Graham and I were were down around Mauchline for a bit of mountain biking along the river Ayr to Sorn and Auchinleck making the best of the lovely spring sunshine.
K&C hadn't been cycling there before, so I took them to all the little interesting places I knew about. Through the gorge to the cup and ring rocks, the cliffs, Catrine voes, Sorn, Auchinleck House and Wallaces cave high above the river.
We finished up heading back through the gorge but had a surprise on the way, a display of birds of prey in a chaps front lawn, two buzzards and two owls, the little long eared owl was really cute.
It was a great day out view the video here.


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