Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dragons and Damsels

Common Darter?

Monday Anne and I had a very pleasant cycle from Castle Semple up and around Barcraigs Reservior. There is a big climb from Howwood up to the moor but once up there are a few very quiet lanes with great views up to Ben Lomond.
We meadered about slightly lost finally finding our way back to Barcraig where we decided it was time for the downhill reward and coffee with cake at the RSPB centre.
It was so nice I decided to cycle back home to burn off some more callories, didn't do the Fairlie moor climb though, that was a callorie too far.

Yesterday we had arranged to get out on the bikes with my cycling chum Tom and his wife Liz, unfortunately Tom's car's towbar got damaged in a minor bump when his son spun the car into a crash barrier. Luckily that was the only damage but it meant a trip to Ayr to get it assessed so no bike outing for Tom.
Anne and I deided instead to have a walk up onto the moor, just meandering really, enjoying the pleasant weather and the views.
We passed a sizeable pond and noticed lots of Dragonflies and Damselflies, I resolved to return later with my camera and spotting scope to try and get a few photos.
When I did get back up the wind had risen and the Dragons were hiding I spent an hour beside the pond witout seeing much at all but finally found one lurking in the grass and managed to get a few snaps by getting very low and very slow.
The picture above is the best of the bunch, not much for a 2 hour effort.

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