Sunday, October 12, 2008

The beach and Portencross

Flying shark

Haven't been out on the bike for what seems like ages. If I don't do it soon I'll have to change this blog title to something like 'Reminiscence of a one time mountain biker' don't think that will happen yet though I feel an outing coming on very soon.
Yesterday was another sunny shank's pony day around West Kilbride, Meadowhead and the beach. Meadowhead footpath was a bit grotty but the beach was very nice. The breeze was off the sea so we couldn't hear the nearby road and the water was low enough that we could walk on the firm sand watching the waves break over the rocks. Took lots of pictures and ater after a bit of enforced garden tidying it looked like there might be a good sunset so I went off down to Portencross for a little more fresh air (just as well its not possible to overdose on it) and with any luck a few more photos.
As I waited to see the sunset develop a couple of chaps came along carrying lots of gear they were settling down for a nights fishing from the pier. Kind of dangerous the pier has a 15 feet drop to the sea (no barrier) lots of rusty bolts sticking up and a huge hole in the middle, not the kind of place to go wandering about in the dark.
Looked like they had all the kit though so I'll try not to worry about then....ahem!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Seems like forever since i've been out on the bike, will need to pull the finger out. Great pics as always esp the kite, sunset over arran and the pier shots. Really nice. Should really be out today, decent weather but waiting for japan GP which i fell asleep half way through at 6.30 am doh.


2:32 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Should have recorded it, gone out on the bike, watched it as soon as you got back and told everyone you did it the other way round. That way you'd get the best of all

5:23 PM  

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