Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stair to Barskimming caves

Contemplating the pain

Nice MTB outing today Stair over to Barskimming caves, lots of mud and a few monster steep climbs but thankfully short.
Katy and Craig hadn't been that way before so they got to see lots of new stuff, the 'caves' at Barskimming and maybe best of all Pedens Pulpit, a Covenaters preaching spot...may be worth search on the internet.
Anyway the weather was rather fine and we all had a great time on the bikes.

Video below.

My little IXUSS 55 is sick its zoom lens is stuck, I just hope its repairable, I'm rather fond of the little thing.
We've been lots of places together both working hard to capture the essence of MTB'ing (the way I see it anyway) and never a complaint until now.
I've got a Fuji which takes better pictures and is much better in low light but it isn't a patch on the Ixuss for macro and video (including video macro), fingers crossed all will be well in the end.


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