Monday, January 26, 2009

A walk to Largs

Wardlaw in Kelburn

Took myself off to Largs today walking along the hillside.
I was feeling a little chesty and thought I'd take it easy off the bike but I think the chestyness was a false alarm I feel fine now.

There was lots of soft going and surface water the Glentane hillside cycle track was just a slippy mess it'll need a good few days of dry weather (or a sharp frost) to make it worth riding again.
In all it took me about 4.5 hours to do the walk, a bit longer than normal.
I kept stopping for photos including a detour up to Crosbie house in the hope it might give a decent shot, didn't really, but the photo I got is in the slideshow anyway.
The best light was to the south which meant shooting against the sun and that high contrast silhouette stuff which can be nice and atmospheric.

It was kind of late in the afternoon when I got to Largs just as the bus was due so I missed out on Craigmiles coffee and cake..maybe next time.

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