Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A frosty days walk

Boats and castle at Portencross

Wonderfully clear, crisp, still morning this morning Anne and I went down to Portencross for a walk along the bridleway and over Goldenberry hill.
Several times on route we stopped to warm ourselves in the winter sun, if we did a Prince Philip walk we were treated to nice warm(ed) hands.
It was superb walking all the mud was iced up the sun was warm(ish) and there was no wind.
On the top of the hill we lingered a while to enjoy the view and to puzzle over a motor launch, out for a spin around Wee Cumbrae we decided.

View slideshowof the walk here.

PM I wanted to get out on the bike, over to Busbie moor windfarm seemed like a good option but as I cycled over there the cloud came down and it started to snow thankfully lightly.
Enjoyed the 1.5hours on the bike even though it snowed the ground was mainly nice easy going with it being frozen.

Busbie moor boxing day video below (soon once I get one of these video sites to work) ahh.. finally got there.....


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