Friday, March 13, 2009

Cornalees and the Cut

Graham in full flight near Cornalees Sept 08

Got out for a little spin on the MTB today up at Cornalees on the Greenock cut.

I'd been pottering at home too long and by the time I got up there it was looking a bit on the dull side.
Went over the hill and turned off to some single track on the north side of the hill above Gourock, sort of mini cut beside a couple of small reserviors.
When I got there a chap with a gun was looking as if he might have bagged a goose or two if I hadn't been passing, lucky geese, saved by the coincidental passing of a mountain biker, the ways of the world are....err....random.

Did the loop around the cut into some fine drizzle for a bit but it cleared as I got back to the visitor centre so I decided to repeat a bit of the track up to the top of the hill, somewhere I haven't been before and now that I've done it probably won't do again. Nice to get the view though so may take a walk up there sometime when the visibility's good.


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