Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A delightful spring day

Ash on Fairlie moor

WOW! what a great spring day. It started clear and mild and just got better and better.
I got the road bike out again today, second time this year (and this week) but didn't intend going far, it looked a bit breezy first thing so decided to do a Fairlie moor loop, a bit like this one.
That way I'd get back for lunch and maybe do something different PM, wasn't that different though, Anne and I went around Hunterston peninsula on the MTBs. With a nice following wind it felt really quite warm.
The new lambs were in the fields around Hunterston, daffodils flowering and some pink blossom appearing on one of the trees, very spring like.

PPM Anne was off to Largs to pick up one of her paintings she was having framed so I did another MTB loop down the beach and over Goldenberry. I must admit to feeling a bit tired by the time I got to the top of the hill so I just pottered home after the downhill blast.

What a lovely bit of springtime cycling.

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