Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whitelee forest map

Hunterston castle and daffodils

I was up rather sharp this morning due to going to bed before midnight, so to occupy the hour or two till Anne surfaced I went off down to Hunterston armed with my stereo pinhole camera for a bit of photo pottering.
Very nice until the showers came over just as I was getting back to the car, 6 stereo photos in the bag.

Back home after having second brerakfast (Anne's first breakfast) we went off in the car along to Fairlie for a bit of a walk up through Kelburn to the Kel Birdge a lovely spot where I wanted to get a few more stereo pinhole photos.
Its a very nice couple of hours walk I should put into my web site sometime soon (see sidebar).
Up into Kelburn from beside Fairlie garage (parking beside St Pauls church) all the way up to Fairieward Cottage and the Upper Kel Burn Bridge, back down the Kel Burn Glen to Kelburn centre and return along the low road in Kelburn.

PM Anne was off doing her own thing so I went down to Portencross for yet more photo pottering in the rather pleasant afternoon sunshine.

PPM Had a jog along the beach with a lovely following wind but unfortunately I pulled a calf muscle and had to walk the last half mile home.
Embarrassing dressed to jog and limping along at less than a walk!

A few (5) photos here taken with my digital camera as I shot off some film pinhole stuff.

This eveniong I did a search on the internet for a map of Whitelee forest wind farm, its part of my East Ayrshire epic 170mile route but has been a problem area with all the work going on. Not sure its all open now but I did find this map which looks good from the MTB'ers point of view, lots of easy access and loops to be had.

View the map here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cycle up there all the time now, even in the snow,quite a few folk go up on a Sunday morning. The work is more or less all done and the guys still working there don't mind an MTB going past. Cycling under the turbines is amazing and so are the views! Its not technical but a really good workout. Most folk will not have the legs for it, quite hilly in parts not really family friendly although you could go out and back with the bairns.


6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it can be like a labyrynth the further in to forrest you go ,
turn a corner in the woods and wow a huge turbine looms up you like an alien invasion craft then as you clear the trees an army of
whirling invaders as far as the
eye can see very dr who ish
especially given the solitude of the place , a must do ride in ayrshire .

3:57 PM  

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