Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bright & breezy by the River Ayr

Barkimming cottage
Graham phoned looking for a bit of MTBing today with hopefully a visit to Carrick Cycles in Ayr along the way so I figured it'd be good doing a not so little route from Fularton to Ayr and then to Barskimming returning on a similar but shorter trail. Its an extension of this route, by adding on this route giving a total distance, according to grahams GPS, of 34miles.
It was... ideal... lovely... glorious... perfect, just what I needed to get my head out of photo stuff and back into good old mountain biking.

I'll just go into my Yahoo videos and see if I've got something from that route, I'm sure I will..........5 minute search.......yes here's something but it ain't summer.

Yahoo are closing down geocities free web space so my MTB site will be no more unless I decide to pay up, they've done this sort of thing before with their free stuff and messed me about so I don't feel inclined to pay them money even though its the easy option, but mustn't say never, Amen.


Blogger MikeQ said...

Upload your MTB routes as blog posts? Then define one blog post which is the master, linking to the others?

Happy pedaling

8:28 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

I may give it a try but have taken the unfortunate step of paying yahoo only to discover it isn't as easy as I thought so my site is not working at present until I dig it out of the crap heap yahoo have put it in. They are a complete pain in the arse this is the third time I've had to relink things and this time I've payed for the privilege grrrrr!

10:53 PM  

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