Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crossrequel Abbey and a Village cycle

Rhododendron macro

I had a photo/cycle plan in the back of my mind. I had a notion to visit
Crossraquel Abbey for a few photos of the pinhole variety and then a short cycle around some quiet roads and villages near Maybole.
Today looked as good a day as any.
Anne had things to see to so off I went.
Spent about and hour in the Abbey grounds hunting viewpoints and taking photos in the lovely bright sun, then went into Maybole, parked at the Greenside and set off on the bike to Crosshill and Straiton.
Unfortunately the Buck Cafe closes Monday Tuesday so just had to make do with a snack from the local shop.
I decided to loop away from Kirkmichael toward Dalrymple to add on a few miles, glad I did there was a lovely stretch of road, only about 2 miles, that I hadn't been on before, wow! what a lovely lovely view over the valley and down to the Galloway hills, well worth the little detour.
Lovely day out, photos of Crossraquel here and I may generate a new route description for my web site.


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