Monday, June 01, 2009

Road bike in the sun

Bumble Bee on clover

Phoned my cycling chum Tom this morning, we haven't been out together for quite some time.
He likes it nice and sunny when out on the bikes, I do too but if it ain't sunny I quite often go out on the mountain bike.
Today was certainly sunny and luckily he was keen to get out there.
It didn't take us long to decide that an Eglinton Dundonald loop would be just the ticket for a day like today.
About half way round the loop the route passes Dundonald Castle with a visitor centre and a tea room, it was very nice sitting out below the castle having coffee and cake in the sun before heading back.
Its a short cycle route of about 20miles round trip which can be extended with various short and not so short options, today though we just did the 20 mile mini loop.
Very nice! Lets hope there's more nice weather on the way and we can get a few more sunny outings during the summer months.

See a few more photos here on my FLICKR account.


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