Monday, July 20, 2009

Fenwick moor

Fenwick moor view

I went over to Fenwick moor today to have a MTB outing around the windfarm. I'd got a map off the internet and thought I'd get a nice loop out of it.
Well how wrong I was, the map turned out to be a work of fiction with the windfarm is still closed for constrction work.
The visitor centre wasn't finished so I ended up going into the forest at Carrot near Eaglesham.
Nice little rough climb from there up to the windfarm and some good views up on the windfarm roads but plodding around the tracks was rather dull, then the rain started so I got out as fast as I could.
Its too exposed up there to hang about when the weather goes sour.
A bit of a disappointing outing, I think I'll give it until next spring before I give Fenwick Moor another visit on the bike.


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