Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Amazing Arran

Anne and I caught 9.45 ferry to Arran with the intention of walking the Nuis Tarsuinn loop and optimistically hoping the cloud would clear PM.

If I had thought for more than 2 seconds in Glen Rossa I could have saved a good 45 minutes of rough walking. I chose to go up the early path up Garbh Alt and couldn't cross the burn at the weir, so ended up climbing the deer fence and walking across the moor with no track.

We had intermittent views to Tarsuinn but the mist didn't really clear until we were coming down Beinn a Chlaibhain but we did see the plane wreck on Nuis and the Tarsuinn witch through the mist.
After 7.5hrs walking the refreshment in Macs bar was most welcome, and Irish stew on the ferry back was a fine finish to a great day.
One other silly thing, we had to phone to ask our son to bring some cash along to get us out of Ardossan ferry car park, bought him a few cans as a reward.

What a nice boy, ...HUMF!

PS Notice while sitting here at the computer, my necks a bit hot and sunburnt, must remember to splash the suncream there next time..


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