Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A change in the weather

Arran from Bradshaw Ruin on Fairlie Moor

What a nice day! It was calm clear and dry, Anne and I took a morning strole over Goldenberry going through the rough wood on the north side then climbing up onto the west side of the hill to admire the view of Cumbrae and Arran.
It was a little cool at the top so we only lingered long enough for a couple of photos before getting back down to the cover of the trees.
There is some tree cutting going on in the estate, hope they don't damage any nice areas, that would be a shame.

PM got out on the MTB for a spin, there was a funny noise from the front brake, disc pads are worn down to the metal, very careless of me not to notice earlier.
Went over Glentane hill and along to Fairlie on the nice rough track and woody singletrack but had to take it easy and try to use the back brake only, bit awkward.
Got back at 3pm ready for a coffee warm up, hasn't worked though still feeling a bit cool, I think I'll need to go and hug a radiator.

Todays photos here, a previous walk short video here.


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