Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Easy MTBing in Eglinton

Cycling in Eglinton Park Irvine

Lovely day today, Anne and I intended to go to Cornalees by Greenock to cycle the easy cut but as we started out the sky north looked very black so a quick change of plan and we were off to Eglinton Park just north of Irvine.
Its one of my favourite road cycle start points but today we just wanted a bit of easy off road.
On our travels around Eglinton we met a photographer chap at the standing stones and did a few active poses for him, between my video takes and his photos we were there some time longer than expected.
As we left a runner was on the way up to the stones, a wonder if she got the same treatment.
After our hour in the park it was still nice back beside the car so I decided to cycle home along the quiet roads east of Kilwinning, past Dalgarven Mill and over the watershed to West Kilbride.
It was a good decision the weather held and overall I had a very nice day out and about.

Took some video and view some Eglinton photos here.


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