Monday, September 03, 2007

4 goto Fairlie

Burn splash near Fairlie

Katy, Craig, Graham and I were off over the local trails to Fairlie yesterday.
It was Katy and Craigs first MTB outing in the area so I planned a route to get some nice trails under our wheels without being too off puting.
Up biglees then along the landrover track to Fairlie, through a couple of burn splashes, a loop in Kelburn to get onto Fairlie glen's marvelous downhill then down to the Mudhook pub for a snack finishing via picturesque Portencross and the beach.
To get the best out of the on route water splashes we 'tamed' them scooping out the larger stones to stop that front wheel slipping thing in the water, still didn't manage to clear them but we all had fun watching each other splashing about.
As we were tucking into some tuna sandwitches in the pub one of the guys got talking about his cycling days on a fixed wheel bike.
You'd never have guessed he'd been a cyclist from the size of his beer belly.

Video here


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