Saturday, September 08, 2007

Portencross rocks again

Portencross harbour

Went down Portencross way again today and had a walk along the rocks. Lots of folk down there but no one other than Anne and I on the rocks. There were lots of lovely little pools and I got to thinking it'd be nice to get some video shots below water, so after lunch back home I took out the tea caddy which has a window on the side and used it to keep the camera dry and video below the surface.
Nothing very great but caught a few shrimps feeding at the weed, some of the weed was pretty colourful and floating which is nice. I think I may adapt some plumbing tubes or similar and have another go at it.

Video here.

Sunday got out on the MTB with Katy, Craig and John from Straiton, from his place we headed over to Dailly. I was expecting the ground to be nice and dry but there must have been a lot more rain down that way, we did lots of mud plugging on route.
Up on the moor above Dailly the mist deteriorated to rain so since it was near lunchtime we took shelter in the lime kilns at the highest point and when it eased we visited the old workings behind the kilns.
The Dailly singtrack was great we all lapped it up before stopping off at Tilly's for a second lunch before climbing out the other side of the valley finishing along Craigfin and lots more mud.
The run took us nearly twice as long as anticpated, we were all pretty tired by the time we finished, part of the problem was the 4 punctures and difficulty of repair in the damp conditions after running out of spare tubes.
Great day out just the same, similar (shorter) route here.

Short boring video here.


Blogger Jinxx said...

Daily is the one place that i have tried down that neck of the woods.

I was on the Girvan to Barr trail yesterday, i had popped down to have a look at the new Russian memorial with my mate Doug. he wanted to take photos, and i took the opportunity to fling the bike in the back of the car.

was halfway across the trail when the rain came on, glad it was mostly downhill all the way back to Girvan

11:26 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Nice trails down that way.
What's the memorial about?

1:10 AM  
Blogger Jinxx said...

From the BBC website

A bronze cross was unveiled on the coast of the Firth of Clyde to mark the spot where the warship Varyag ran aground more than 80 years ago.

There is far more than that, it seems this ship is a bit of a legend in Russia, and the memorial is actually outside Girvan, got to admit, its quite stricking

1:49 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Must pay it a visit next time I'm down that way, sounds like it might be a nice blog photo.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Jinxx said...

Oh it is, but there is nothing to keep you there, good thing is, its quite close to the start of the Girvan path network..

I have set up a Bebo mountian bikng group, to stick all the things that i dont put on my blog, ie articles on trails, bike reviews etc

11:42 AM  

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