Friday, September 28, 2007

Kirroughtree and Dalbeattie

McMoab Kirroughtree

With the settled weather this week I couldn't resist mountain biking a little further afield, down in Galloway just under 2hours in the car.
Galloway's largely neglected by the masses from the south heading to the big hills of the Highlands but its all the better for it in my opinion.
Thursday I travelled down to Kirroughtree one of the 7 Stanes areas and looped around the black circuit there's been an extra loop or two added since I was first there reducing the amount of fire roads riding.
Its a case of keeping alert for the next drop off or boulder field, great fun though especially with that McMoab rock section.
Spent the night at Minigaff Hostel then headed over to Dalbeattie, another of the & Stanes for more of the same, there's quite a bit of tame fire road riding but plenty of nice singletrack too. The black sections are scary I only did the half slab, I didn't like the idea of doing it without knee and elbow pads and someone on standby.
A couple of great 1/2 days on the MTB, here's hoping the settled weather will last into next week for more of the same.

Short video here


Blogger Jinxx said...

Damm i wish i could get down to one of the 7 Stanes, its something that i have wanted to do since i first read about them.

Two problems, lack of transport, and i have no idea what skill level trail to use, dooubt if i am good enough for the black runs

12:49 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

The Black has intermittent nasty bits with lots of good red stuff in between so if it looks iffy stop and take a look before giving it a go. Alternately if you get down there go early do the Blue (easy blast at Kirroughtree) take a lunch break then do the red.
Either way you should have a great day out. Train would get you to Barhill then cycle the rest but you'd need to overnight somewhere.

7:50 PM  

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