Monday, September 24, 2007

Fenwick Old Kirk in the sun

Fenwick Old Church

After my little attempt at underwater filming using a tea caddy with a plastic window I decided to 'splash' out and buy a waterproof case for my little IXUS 55.
A bit of extravagance as I don't really have any more ideas beyond filming in some shore rock pools or pond. Anne suggested my next purchase would have to be a wet suit so that I can do a proper bit of underwater filming but I think not, although it may be an encouragement to go to some nice hot seaside holiday resort and film some colourful sea life.

On the cycling front Tom and I had a nice outing, first for a long time, on the road bikes Dalry to the RSPB Lochwinnoch.
Also managed a spin on the bikes with Anne from Dean park in Kilmarnock to Fenwick old Kirk taking in a couple of bits of singletrack on the loop back plus a picnic lunch, sitting on a wall in Fenwick in the sun.

SB video here.


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